Experts say if you're searching for a job, make sure that your resume is is reviewed by a professional and make sure to turn on LinkedIn and Google alerts about job postings.

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Hiring signs up all over downtown Greenville with businesses hoping that people feel safe and ready to come back to work as we continue moving toward our new normal.

We are looking into what businesses are anticipating and what experts on job hunting say you need to do if you are looking.

While walking in downtown Greenville, I saw sign after sign that business is picking back up after businesses were forced to close or downsize last year.

Kristin Kay, Wild Flower Cupcake and Dessert Bar, says, "We’re getting so busy now and we are about to go into a busy season that I know I’m going to have to hire and I’ve heard… word on the street is that it’s kind of hard right now."

This dessert shop is no exception, even with a small staff they hope it won't take too long to find someone when they need it.

Kay says she's "fearful that I am about to go through that. I’ve kept a small staff, during this. We kind of do in general but especially during this."

A recuriter gave me a few tips for job seekers:

-Get resume reviewed by professional

-Turn on LinkedIn and/or Google alerts about job postings

-If actively applying, keep voicemail clear in case you miss a call.

-Look into multiple employment agencies

Kristin Kay says this influx could work in the job seekers favor.

"Now people are hiring again, I think that is kind of having your cake and eating it too because you might get to have make a choice… it’s not just kind of settling for the first thing that comes along," Kay says.

Tips for virtual interviews.

Job hunting tips. 

Tips for resumes.

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