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OCONEE, SC (FOX Carolina)- The Oconee County Sheriff's Office released their June 2021 Scams Update on Friday to inform and educate citizens

Deputies say they received word of a particular scam where victims stated they received a call from a local number. The caller identified themself as Lt. Randall Day. In one instance of this scam, the caller informed the victim of a problem regarding their paperwork for their sex offender registration. In the second instance, the caller told the victim that the Sheriff's Office lost his information and he needed to re-register for the Sex Offender Registry. The caller told the victim that a warrant would be issued for him unless he paid a #1,000 bond over the phone, according to deputies. In both instances, the callers instructed the victims to go to a local store and purchase gift cards. 

Deputies also say they continue to hear reports regarding scammers contacting citizens regarding out-of-state warrants and telling them to purchase gift cards to have the charges dropped. In many cases, the scammer tells the person that their Social Security Number was compromised, according to officials.

In one final law enforcement scam, Deputies say that a citizen told them that they received a phone call where the caller said they issued a warrant for a family member due to them not appearing in court. The caller seemed to be contacting them from a local number, provided the correct address for the family member and stated that they sent a letter in May advising them of the court date. The caller told the citizen that they could stop the warrant if they provide $750 on a gift card.

Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, Master Deputy Jimmy Watt, said in a press release, 

“In regards to the scams involving the Sex Offender Registry, and just for general information purposes as well, the Sheriff’s Office does not have an employee named Randall Day who is a Deputy Sheriff. When Sheriff Crenshaw was elected in 2013, a Sex Offender Registrar’s position was created. The duties of the Sex Offender Registrar are to ensure that those on the Sex Offender Registry are meeting the mandates of their sentencing guidelines as set forth by the court. If someone on the registry is not meeting their sentencing guidelines in regards to registering with Sergeant Melanie Shovey, who is the Sex Offender Registrar, then Sergeant Shovey will obtain an arrest warrant on a Sex Offender Registry Violation.”

“With that being said, and as we have stated previously, law enforcement will not ask anyone to purchase a gift or pre-paid card to either have an arrest warrant recalled or to have charges dropped in an investigation,” continues Master Deputy Watt. “As we have stated previously, a legitimate business or organization will not request payment using a pre-paid or a gift card.”

Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw says that any citizens on the Sex Offender Registry that receive a call stating there is a problem with their status can contact Sergeant Shovey through the non-emergency line at the Sheriff’s Office at 864-638-4111.

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