Braden and Brycen McDaniel

Braden McDaneil (left) and Brycen McDaniel (right) (Bostick Tompkins Funeral Home / September 21 2021)

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX CAROLINA) - Deputies have completed their investigation after two twin babies were found dead inside a car outside of a daycare on Sept. 1, according to the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said after investigating, the father of 20-month-old twin boys Bryson and Brayden McDaniel went to work and thought he dropped the boys off at Sunshine House Early Learning Academy on Wilson Blvd. in Blythewood.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is giving an update on the investigation into the death of twin infants on September 1.

When the father returned to the daycare for pickup, daycare employees told him the boys were never dropped off that morning, according to deputies. The father returned to his car and found his boys dead in the back seat.

Coroner Nadia Rutherford initially said she believed the boys might have been in the car for nine-and-a-half hours before 911 was called. 

After an autopsy and further investigation, Rutherford said the manner of death was ruled as an accident and the cause of death was ruled as hyperthermia.

“Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. When you start going about that even with a fever of 105 or 104 can cause seizures and death. The heat index in the car was 120 degrees at its max of what we believe," said Rutherford.

Sheriff Lott said the solicitor's office determined this incident as an accident and the father would not be charged.

Lott mentioned that the father worked at a manufacturing plant and had a lot of things going on at work that he was dealing with.

“Unfortunately sometimes the work and personal stuff takes over what you should be focusing on. I think that’s what happened today," said the sheriff.

The sheriff and coroner both asked that everyone continues to keep this family in their prayers.

The Richland County Sheriff's Office is investigating after two babies were found dead outside a daycare in Richland County.

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I just cannot wrap my head around anyone being this distracted.


I can't either. I don't understand how anyone could be distracted enough to forget 2 infants.It's truly sad .

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