Remember Your Favorites

This is the website to register to win prizes.

SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) - Some restaurants are still feeling the impact to their business from the COVID-19 pandemic.
One Spartanburg is starting a new, online program set to offer incentives to customers at local restaurants. 
Here's how it works: visit, enter your information, you'll receive a text, then, check in on the website with the restaurant's code when you eat at any of the roughly 20 establishments on the list. 
One Spartanburg Inc.'s Chief Tourism Development Officer, Timothy Bush, says for three visits, you win a Spartanburg poster. For six visits, you get a t-shirt. And for 10 visits, you're entered to win a stay-cation at a local hotel.
Main Street Pub, in Spartanburg, is participating. The manager, Adam Story, is optimistic the program will help.
"Some businesses are struggling. They're trying to give people things to come in the door," Story said.
Bush says the goal is to revive these eateries.
"A lot of restaurants are saying that they're still feeling the impact of less visitation," Bush said.
The site is called "Remember Your Favorites." You can add it as a shortcut to your home screen on the iPhone for easy access.
"This project is really about helping keep the vitality of our restaurants alive," Bush said.
Story says he's looking for the potential economic boosts.
"I mean, any kind of exposure is good, especially for some of the smaller businesses out there that don't have a lot of social media presence or any online presence; help is help," Story said.
Bush encourages Spartanburg residents to support local restaurants.
"When visitors come to our community, restaurants make our community more attractive. It provides the experiences," Bush continues, "I think the primary focus really has been on helping to keep as many of our restaurants open as possible."
Story says business is much better now.
You can only win one prize. You can spread your visits out until the end of June.
Contact One Spartanburg Inc. here to register your restaurant.


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