Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - A year and a half later one of the cases they call the most  solvable, still puzzles  Greenville County investigators.

"I wake up every day and it's May 14, every day, every day," said Misty Mckenzie,  mother of  Makiya Hawkins.

Just after midnight  on Mother's  Day, May 14, 2017, deputies arrived  at The  Pavillion  Recreation  Center in Taylors to find 17-year-old Makiya Hawkins  shot and her shooter gone. 

"There was a group of girls around her," said  Lt. Ryan  Flood, Greenville  County Sheriff's Office.

Before that shooting, deputies said they broke up a house party around the corner.

"There was an excess of 100 people in the residence. I mean it was a fire hazard. There was a lot of issues.  Deputies cited smelling  marijuana," said Lt. Flood.

Those 100 plus people gathered at the Pavillion where deputies said 18-year-old Ricci Murphy,  Jr. fired a 9 mm gun into the air for no apparent reason.

"When those shots rang out from  Ricci there, people who were standing back there, behind where that was, started firing. At least one person started firing from a different caliber gun than the 9mm round," said Lt. Flood.

Flood said the group Hawkins was with ran toward the woods and Makiya ran down  a different path.

Murphy  was charged  with unlawful carrying of a pistol and breach of peace high and aggravated but Lt. Flood  confirmed Murphy did not fire the deadly shot. 

Lt. Flood said investigators interviewed more than 50 people who were there that night and to this day no one has come forward with a name.  It's something that continues to frustrate McKenzie.

"They took her life.  She was lying on the ground and numerous kids walked paste her and didn't help  her and won't help her now," said McKenzie,  "They know. I know someone came to that party with the person that shot a gun that night, with the person that shot my daughter and they're  silent." 

McKenzie sat down with  FOX Carolina for the first time since her daughter's death. She said she lives in a constant state of grief and distrust.

"If I'm holding a conversation with someone and they say, you know, 'I'm  21, you know 18' or even  if they tell me they were at the party. You know, they could possibly be the person  that killed my daughter. I don't trust anyone. It's hard to live that way," said McKenzie.

Inside her home, there is still the presence  of a young girl robbed of her future. Hawkins'  diploma remains on display. The prom dress she designed herself, still hangs in her closet.

"I haven't done  anything  with it yet, because it still smells like her," said McKenzie.

Just like the investigators on her daughter's case though, McKenzie still holds onto hope that the case that's puzzled all of them since May 14, 2017 will soon  be closed.

When asked if investigators believe they've interviewed Hawkins' killer, Lt. Flood said, "We don't know.  It's a possibility." 

"It's very troubling to our investigators the fact that people are claiming  to not have known or seen anything, because they all took off running," said Lt. Flood.

There is a  $2,000  Crimestoppers Reward for information  that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.  All tips  can  be submitted anonymously by calling 23-CRIME. 

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