Only On FOX: Upstate man spends nearly a year in jail, charges dropped

Upstate man spends nearly 1 year in prison, charges dropped. (FOX Carolina/ October 18, 2018)

Sometimes your name is all you have.

"I'm Ferris Terrill Rainey," he said. "My aunt named me."

Rainey's name means a lot to him, and his daughter means even more.

"I know that I did not do the crime and I wasn't going to accept nothing," he explained.

Investigators with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office charged him with burglary and assault. An incident report states that back in August 2016, Rainey broke into a home, punched a man in the nose, and a woman in the face. The report describes the suspect as approximately 6 feet tall with a medium complexion.

"I'm far from 6 feet tall," Rainey said.

He says he doesn't match that description, but deputies arrested him.

"The couple picked me out of a lineup," he said.

It was a photo lineup.

He says though he's not perfect, he did not commit the crime.

"They started going down the list calling out the charges. I was shocked at first," he said.

A judge set bond at more than $100,000. Rainey sat in the Anderson County Detention Center for nearly a year. He wrote letters and sent a message to his daughter.

"Listen, if (there is) anybody that I'm going to tell the truth to, it's going to be you," he told her.

Rainey says he wanted to clear his name, so he contacted an old friend.

"I just lost contact with him. The person who had my back when nobody else had it - that was God," he said.

He also called a lawyer and eventually got a letter which stated his charges were dropped. Investigators say charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence in the case.

"I prayed for the people and the person who did it," he said.

He says the time spent in jail gave him a new perspective.

"You can't get that time back," he said."A lot of fellas are like man how can you smile though what you're going through and I smile because I thought about my daughter."

Even though he's lost time, he's now fighting to get his name back.

Investigators with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office say a tip and probable cause led to Rainey's arrest.

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