Outgoing Skipper reflects on eight years as Anderson County's top cop

Sheriff John Skipper reflects on his two terms as sheriff as he prepares to move on (FOX Carolina)

For 44 years, Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said he has made "justice for all" a priority.

"Whether it is a murder case or someone has been assaulted or someone has lost property - it's about trying to get them the justice that they deserve," said Skipper in an interview with FOX Carolina Thursday.

The Sheriff of eight years is on his way out Jan. 2 after being unseated by newcomer Chad McBride. Skipper said in the past he believes there was anti-incumbent sentiment in the June primary, which also saw several other Upstate sheriffs unseated.

"I think once [McBride] starts, just like any other sheriff, there is a bit of a learning curve and so I am sure they will adjust as they go along. He is the sheriff of the county, and I wish him luck," Skipper said.

Skipper said the last eight years have exposed flaws in the justice system he said he has worked to correct, including a push for bond reform, which has gained traction in the state legislature.

"In our society now, [criminals] get out and then they just go break in again. And we arrest them again. And we arrest them again. And we arrest them again. Somewhere along the line, we have got to get to where there are consequences," he reflected.

Skipper split the large Anderson County into four regions, so response times for deputies would be faster. Each region has a captain that delegates assignments to deputies in that captain's region.

Skipper also talked about unsolved cases that still haunt him.

"Baby Leona.We are still looking for her. The quadruple murder in Pendleton," he recalled. He said the sheriff's office have come close to solving those cases, something he said weighs on him.

Skipper also recalled the heroism of first responders during the tragedy at Townville Elementary School last September. His two terms saw a merging of Homeland Security, Emergency Management Services and law enforcement to better assist during crises like that.

Now, as he steps out the door, Skipper plans to take time off and reflect on his career that spans more than four decades.

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