The owner of a Copper River Grill restaurant said he has no idea what motivated a former employee to release hundreds of crickets inside his restaurant over the weekend.

Deputies responded to the Copper River Grill on Highway 9 on Mar. 17 in regards to crickets being released into the kitchen area.

According to the incident report, an employee working in the food line of restaurant pulled out several coolers and found styrofoam cups which had been taped together with an opening cut into them. Hundreds of crickets were inside, deputies said.

The incident occurred while the business was open and customers were inside, although a spokesperson for Copper River Grill said no food products were contaminated. Only a few made it to the dining area.

After reviewing surveillance video, deputies identified the suspect as 21-year-old Daniel Adams, a former employee.

According to the incident report, Adams admitted to purchasing a few hundred crickets at Petsmart and making the styrofoam containers to hold them. The suspect said he did "this as a joke and not as a malicious act."

However, Adams was charged with malicious tampering with human food.

Dan Angell, the owner and CEO of Copper River Grill, released the following statement on the incident:This was an isolated incident and it was handled in a prompt and professional manner by our management team and Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified right away, and Deputy Collins and the other officers did an outstanding job locating and arresting the culprit within hours of being called.

No food products were contaminated, and only a few crickets entered the dining area. They were all isolated and removed by management immediately. Pest control was called in and they inspected and treated the entire facility as a precaution.

We have no idea what motivated this individual.MORE NEWS: Kids left home alone while mom vacationed in Florida, police say

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