Parents thank student council members for small act of kindness that made great first day back for their son

Photo and post from the Kirbys (Provided)

The first day of school was an awesome one for one student at Boiling Springs High School.

Boiling Springs' student council saw four students sitting alone at lunch and decided to invite them to their table.

One of those students was Andrew Kirby.

Little did they know, Andrew had been sitting alone at lunch for the last three or four years.

Kay Kirby, Andrew's mom, said her son never looked forward to lunch. He would get on his phone to pass the time.

"Well, he couldn't get into the car quick enough to tell me that he didn't eat lunch by himself," said Kirby.

Andrew loved being part of a group.

"It makes me feel happy that I can eat with people," he said.

Monday after school, Andrew's parents posted a word of thanks to the high school and Spartanburg County School District 2.

Below is the quote from the Kirbys' post:“This isn't your typical ‘First Day of School’ post. This is a SHOUT OUT to the Boiling Springs High School Student Council because today I texted Andrew at lunch (Like I often do because he normally eats alone and it breaks my heart) and he was eating alone..... But as soon as he got in the car after school he said ‘Mom, I didn't eat alone! Some student council members asked me and 3 others eating alone to come sit with them, and said we could eat with them again tomorrow too!’This has been a concern of ours every year. The thought of our son or any child eating alone everyday breaks our heart.

These students may not have thought this was a big deal, but it was an answer to prayer and a great encouragement for Andrew. THANK YOU to those students, you made a difference today!”Spartanburg District 2 shared the photo on their page with this response:

“We typically do not share posts from personal pages, but this is a very worthwhile exception.

This post shows the loving community we live in, the character of our students and the family-feel of our schools.

We are so thankful that Andrew had a great First Day of School in D2!”

Damian Howarth, one of the students who invited Andrew over, said it's sad and shocking that it took this long.

"We should have stepped up before and more people should have to," Howard said. "Don't be afraid to meet someone new. Just go out and do it."

The student council told Andrew he can sit with them for as long as he wants.

Tuesday, they found him waiting for them at their table.

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