SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - The construction of the Business 85 bridges is set for Monday, July 12.
Pete Poore with the SCDOT says work could begin as early as Sunday night. So, drivers who normally take this route are preparing for delays.
The Business 85 bridges are getting a transformation, so drivers like Drew Snow are preparing to change with it.
"I'm going to have to start leaving the house, I think, 15 minutes earlier because of the heavy traffic," said Snow.
Exits 3 and 4B on Business 85 will be closed to traffic for two years for bridge replacements. Northbound thru-traffic will stay on I-85 at the split near Highway 129. Southbound traffic will stay on 85 near Highway 221.
Robert Pearson says that's a long time.
"We need it as soon as possible. Two years is too long," said Pearson.
Some drivers at the gas stations below the bridge still had no idea the construction was starting. Robert Paulmiller is a truck driver who says he'll play it by ear.
"Change is good for everybody. The bridges need to be checked out," said Paulmiller. "I'll figure it out when it's time."
Snow says he has a plan of action.
"The exit that I use is going to be one of the ones that's closing. And so, I'm just going to hop on the exit right above that and just come down to Frontage Road," said Snow.
Pearson says he's relying on technology to help him out.
"I'll just put it on the GPS. I still don't know my way around the back roads," said Pearson.
The state's Department of Transportation says be prepared for back-ups. And if you get stuck, just be patient.
"The bridges need to be fixed. They've got to be fixed. They've got to do something. It's not going be easy any way they go," said Snow.
The work is expected to be complete by July 2023. 
It may be a good idea to wake up earlier to give yourself some extra time, plan an alternate route and be prepared for possible traffic to lessen any frustrations.
Here are your detour options. You can continue on I-85, or take I-26, Highway 585 or Highway 176.
The exits on Fairforest Road, New Cut Road, Bryant Road, Hearon Circle and Highway 9 will be for local access only.


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