SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) What do pizza and potholes have in common? They're both a huge priority for Domino's pizza.

The company said it shows through their national campaign, 'Paving for Pizza.'

"Our roads are horrible," said Austin Putnam. "When you hit a pothole, you instantly cringe and you're like 'oh no, my pizza, I hope it's okay."

Putnam is the District Manager for 11 Upstate Domino's stores.

He says the company proudly stamps their slogan, "Oh Yes We Did," on every commercial- and this new campaign is no different.

It started in June 2018.

Domino's said a lot of times pizzas can get messed up in route on the way to customer's homes because of potholes. So, the company has decided to offer to help pave potholes in one city in every state.

Simpsonville city administrator Dianna Gracely said Simpsonville was the lucky winner in South Carolina.

"I think it’s a good indicator that we have an engaged community here, an ordinary citizen is able to make an impact in their community in such a positive way and now the moneys coming to us as a result," Gracely said. 

Domino's said several people in the community had to have nominated the city in order for it to win. The company received more than 194,000 nominations from about 17,000 zip codes.

'Paving for Pizza' will provide about $5000 to help with potholes. Simpsonville Public Works director, Jay Crawford said he anticipates at least 200 potholes to be filled with the funds.

He said the city will be using their own trucks, and supplies to pave over these potholes.

Gracely said the project should be completed by October 2019.

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