Kiersten Nivens and her four-month-old daughter, Maryelle enjoyed

a peaceful Monday afternoon at their home in Belton. At four months old, there are many firsts and one incident Nivens hopes will be the first and the last.

“We had a really, really bad scare. I tried to give her some Tylenol and she took a deep breath - whenever I was trying to give it to her and she immediately started choking on it," Nivens said.

The choking spell sent Kiersten into a panic and with her dead phone in her hand, she ran outside.

“I had her arms and I was just calling for help," Nivens said. “She just stopped breathing because she was choking so bad.”

Neighbors called 911 and began praying. Nivens said Cpl. Derrall Foster grabbed Maryelle from her arms to try and help her.

“The neighbors were flagging us down telling us which house it was to go to," Foster said.

He works with the Patrol Division with the Belton Police Department.

“She was not blue yet, but she was not breathing. She was very limp," Foster said.“I saw my two-year-old as if it were her, and I knew we had to take care of the situation.”

Video from his body camera shows him performing the Heimlich Maneuver.

“The child wasn’t really responding, kinda lethargic. Took the child from them, laid the child face down at an angle and started patting her back," Foster said.

Just as he heard sirens from an EMS crew, also came the most alarming, but perfect sound they all waited for- a cry from Maryelle.

“Oh God it was very relieving.I’m just doing my job, that’s all I was doing," Foster said.

Now, Maryelle and Nivens are both fine and ready to take on more firsts.

“I’m definitely so thankful for him and for all the first responders who came," Nivens said.

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