UNION, SC (FOX Carolina) – A man called police after coming home Wednesday and finding a strange woman and her two children in his house on Stutts Avenue.

Union police said they were called to the home after the victim arrived and said he noticed something shoved against his front door. When he pushed it open, the victim heard people inside the home and called 911, police said.

The homeowner, Kent Foster, spoke to FOX Carolina about the incident. He said his home is normally spotless but things were ransacked when he got home from work. He said furniture had been moved around, someone had been smoking and a dog had urinated inside.

Police said they arrived to find Savannah Rhinehart and her two children, one of whom wasn’t wearing pants. She reportedly told officers she lived there, but they confirmed with the victim and the owner of the home that was not true.

"When she opens the door, the first thing she says is, 'Can I help you?' Yeah, the first thing you can do is leave my house," Foster said.

The clothes the woman and children were wearing reportedly belonged to the victim and his family.

"My mouth drops," Foster said. "She has all of [my wife's] clothes. Bedroom shoes, shirt, what she owned."

Police said they could not get a straight answer from Rhinehart about how she entered the home.

A witnessed also stopped by and said they had seen one of the children outside with no clothes on earlier, police said.

"He was dressed from here up," Foster said. "But naked from here down. No diaper, nothing."

Foster also said someone had bathed in their tub and eaten their food.

DSS was called and the children were placed in emergency protective custody.

Police learned that, in addition to wearing the victims’ clothing, the mother and children had been eating the victims’ food.

Police said they took Rhinehart to the hospital to get checked out for her strange behavior.

Afterward, police said Rhinehart was charged with child neglect, burglary, and petit larceny.

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