(FOX Carolina)- Butch Stone owns the CityScooterz shop in Williamston. It’s filled with brand new mopeds ready to hit the streets, but at one point he was afraid his shop would be forced to close and he'd lose everything.

"It has been a little bit of a struggle,” Stone said. “We did all agree that the law needed to be changed, it was kind of archaic."

He didn't agree with some previous attempted changes, so he went down to Columbia and spoke twice in front of the senate and once in front of the house to confront legislators directly.

"We were able to come to a compromise to where the dealers can survive and the people that need to get back and forth from work can get back and forth from work, students can get to class without overburdening them," Stone said.

The store owner said that was the most important thing, to look out for his customers and make sure they could provide for their families.

"I do have a lot of customers who don't have licenses, can't get a license," Stone said.

He said they rely on one of the various types of mopeds to survive. Which is why he fought to get the license requirement out of the bill.

He said he’s in full support of the rest of the new law which goes into effect next month. Starting November 19th moped drivers can be cited for traffic violations, they are now also required to register their mopeds and all riders under 21 will be required to wear helmets.

"There's no doubt they need to have a tag on them, from a law enforcement perspective especially,” Stone said. “These things get stolen all the time and unless they have a reason to pull that bike over there's no way to check and see if it's stolen."

Donnie Porter with the Greenville Police Department believes this new law will help them recover stolen mopeds. He's also hopeful it will create safer roads because it stands right now, anyone can operate a moped.

"You can operate a moped and have 10 DUI's, there's nothing we can do to keep you off the roads,” Porter said. As of November 19th, we can revoke their driver's license or revoke their operator's license and if they're caught operating a moped we can take them into custody."

Stone said while it's been a bumpy ride, he's now calling this law a win-win for his sales, riders, and others on the road.

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