The Greer Police Department was on scene of an investigation at Riverside High School on Wednesday.

Officers said several students received a vague threat via Snapchat. Police said a student overheard a threat from a third party and then posted it on the app.

"Some people were getting scared and some people were crying and others were panicking," said Pedro Nolasco, a student at Riverside High School.

"A vague threat came through a third party that somebody overheard," said Lt. Fortenberry with Greer Police. "Then that person Snapchatted that to another student."

Greer Police said they responded and put the school on partial lockdown around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Students said they were not permitted to leave the school during the time officers were on scene investigating. Police said officers were posted throughout the school and by the exits so students could not leave the school during this time.

"That's what we would ask teachers and students to do in a scenario if there was potential fear of an active shooter inside a building," said Beth Brotherton, Director of Communications for Greenville County Schools. "Immediately lock that classroom door and make it look empty."

The Greenville School District said the post was reported to school administrators and out of an abundance of caution, students are eating lunch in their classrooms where doors can be locked.

An investigation by Greer Police Department revealed that two students at Riverside Middle School had made up a story involving a school shooting in an effort to get out of school. Police say those two students have been charged with disturbing school.

"Law enforcement takes all threats received seriously and fully investigates each threat in an effort to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff are safe," said Lt. Patrick Fortenberry. "Students should be aware that making jokes or threats of school shootings is a very serious matter that has significant long term consequences. These threats disrupt our schools and take law enforcement resources away from other areas where they could be used."

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