Prayer service for an Upstate high school student battling cancer


Hundreds gathered to lift an Upstate high school student in prayer on Sunday as she continues her fight against cancer.

Bella Muntean, a freshman at Riverside High School, has been battling cancer for 2 years and found out just five days ago that her tumors have grown and doctors will be moving her to hospice care. Her physicians are now planning to stop her treatment.

Bella, however, isn't giving up hope any time soon. Instead, she said she'll be praying and waiting for her miracle along side many others.

With every head bowed and every eye closed, hundreds gathered in the sanctuary at Covenant United Methodist Church in Greenville to pray for Bella.

Senior pastor of the church, Darren Hook says, "Were just asking God to bless her and heal her completely. She's battled cancer for awhile, that dreaded disease that we do not yet have a cure for, but we know our God provides a complete healing so we've asked for that tonight."

Inside, the sanctuary was packed with even more people in overflow rooms as Pastor Hook walked through questions many people have about Bella's story.

"All of us have the question why and I think it's a valid question to have and I think all of us, if we were honest, ask that question all the time", Hook explained. "For me, as I've thought about Bella, it isn't so much the why - we all have that question - but it's the how. How is a teenage girl so strong? How is a little teenage girl 14-years-old able to witness to so many people? How is she able to stay strong and courageous? And she would tell you it's because of the God that lives inside her."

As the worship team led the congregation in song, you could see the lives Bella's testimony had touched as hands continued to be raised high.

Pastor Hook went on to say, "We are praying for Bella and so many folks are praying for her, but what Bella would want is for you to know God and for Him to live inside of you. And so as we are praying for a miracle for her that she would be healed she would be praying for a miracle for all of us that we would healed ultimately by coming to know God."

Tonight during the prayer service many people responded to that very message as they continued to lift Bella up in prayer.

"She was overwhelmed with the graciousness of the community not only our church but her school, the community, and so many more that shes touched their lives and she was blown away that so many people would show up to pray for her," said Pastor Hook.


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