SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) -- Two familiar faces are vying to become Spartanburg's next mayor. 

Former city attorney Cathy McCabe is racing against city council person Jerome Rice. Each has about a dozen years of experience serving the city. 

We sat down with each candidate to ask them about the big issues ahead of today's election.

What's the biggest issue facing the city? 

McCABE: "Communications is the number one thing I want to do as mayor. I want to be active and accessible. I want to be able to explain what's happening in our community because fear can breed all sorts of distrust, as well."

RICE: "Public safety is one of my number one concerns because when we have safe neighborhoods, we have a safe community [and] we have a safe city."

How will you bring in high paying jobs? 

RICE: "We have the student base. We have the base, but we have to make sure we train our students to receive those jobs that are coming through."

McCABE: "There are these high paying jobs that are coming into the county. What isn't happening though is that information isn't getting to the people who may want to get those jobs."

What's your plan for helping the city grow without leaving some citizens behind? 

McCABE: "We also need to talk to developers who just care, who just really want to see the economic development or abilities for people here to change."

RICE: "We really want to look at it through an equitable lens and making sure all of our citizens have an opportunity for that American dream, and not just American dream, but for that dream of Spartanburg."

Why should you be the next mayor? 

RICE: "I have seniority on council,  first name basis with all the department heads here in the city and I think we truly have a great team and I want that cohesion to continue."

McCABE: "My skillset with my combination of legal experience, my work with the non profits and I'm a retired. I've got time to spend being the mayor for the city of Spartanburg. I think we need a mayor that's available in this critical time in our history."

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