Every expectant mom is glowing in their maternity photos - and MooShu, a rare Meishan pig, is no exception.

MooShu lives at Corva Bella Farm in West Union where she is pregnant with her second litter of piglets. Christiana Calderan Bell, a single mother who started the farm with her son Connor, said the Meishan breed is globally threatened and one of the oldest Heritage pigs, originating in China.

Corva Bella is an animal welfare-approved farm which raises rare breeds like the Meishan and the Kunekune on forest land and pastures.

SLIDESHOW: Maternity photos of rare pregnant pigs at Upstate farm

Meishan means "virtuous beauty" in Chinese and with MooShu due any day, Bell decided to showcase her pregnant elegance with a photo shoot. The results are stunning with MooShu in a purple tulle wrap and a matching flower crown.

Bell said she didn't want their other pregnant sow , Cassiopia, to feel left out. The Kunekune pig, also a rare Heritage breed from New Zealand, was photographed in a pink wrap with a pink flower crown.

On Thursday, Corva Bella Farm posted on Facebook that Cassie's belly has dropped in preparation for birth, which is expected any day. MooShu's belly hasn't dropped yet but her due date is set for Friday.

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