Saturday morning, I decided to ditch my bag for added mobility moving throughout the con. This was a sacrifice. There is so much free stuff to pick up at SDCC, but I figured I would much rather move through to crowds unencumbered. Besides, if you start to pick up more than you can carry, there are tons of free bags to be picked up at the show. After all, if you are carrying a bag for a company, you are basically a walking advertisement for them.

I started my morning off heading to the Saturday Morning Happy Hour panel. This year they reunited the original cast of the 70’s Land of the Lost including Wesley Eure (Will Marshall), Kathy Coleman (Holly Marshall), Phil Paley (Cha-Ka) and David Gerrold (write/story editor). They mostly reminisced about the show, working together, and how it was the “original” Jurassic World. About half ways through, a group of Sleestaks crashed the panel, sneaking in the back of the room and hissed their way to the front. They joined the discussion but didn’t have much to offer besides hissing and waving their arms.

After the panel was over, I headed down to the con floor and wondered around for a while. I came across the Profiles in History booth which always showcases cool Hollywood memorabilia. This year some of the cooler items I thought they had were an original X-Wing and Tie Fighter from Star Wars Episode IV. The booth also had the Oscar they won Grant McCune for best visual effects.

I spent a lot of time today just taking pictures of some costumes and wondering around the con. It was so crowded I found myself avoiding busy booths and intersections I knew would be jam packed with people. I ran across some very cool cosplay fans. Some of the costumes are extremely well built by fans, while others, who just purchase their outfits, are no less dedicated. Two of the most impressive homemade costumes had to be the Groot costume and the Dinosaur I saw (I’m not sure on its source material). I know from seeing the people assemble the dinosaur costume that it was sectional and they had to assemble it in three stages. Very cool, and huge.

I went out into the Gas Lamp quarter (directly across from the convention center) and the SyFy channel had a massive push in the streets for, Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell no (that’s actually is the title of the film). I’ve seen the first one, and parts of the second. If you are a fan of bad cinema done by people who think they are making serious a film (I’m looking at you Ian Ziering), this is the movie franchise for you. They had 15-20 girls dressed as sharks giving out foam hats and foam chainsaws (got one of the latter myself) just for hash tagging Sharknado3 on social media, and some stilt walkers with sharks through their bodies. They were out in the streets, day after day of the con pushing this film. I’m sure it will be as popular as the first two with its target audience.

At the end of the day, my friend and I attended the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) auction to raise money for their organization. They specialize in “defending the 1st amendment rights of the comic book medium”. Basically anywhere that tries to ban comics, a classroom, a library, at conventions… these are the people that protect the rights of readers, publishers and creators. They had a good turnout for the auction and some items went for a good bit of money. I didn’t stay for the last 20 or so items, but I was there for the item that brought in the highest amount of the night. An unused cover for a Jeff Smith “Bone” comic went for $4250. I never thought of all the items there, that one would go the most.

One day to go…

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