Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - Day two of the trial for suspended Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis unfolded Tuesday with other county workers and Lewis' former assistant, Savanah Nabors, taking the stand.

On Monday, jury selection took place along with opening statements from both the prosecutors and Lewis' defense team. 

Three witnesses took the stand on Monday for prosecutors. 

Lewis is charged with misconduct in office related to a trip to Charlotte where it's alleged he used taxpayer funds to pay for part of an extra-marital affair he's alleged to have with his then-assistant Savanah Nabors. 

As the trial got underway for day two, prosecutors called Greenville County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Marcus Davenport to the stand to testify. 

Davenport testified about the trip to Charlotte in question saying he was with Sheriff Lewis and Savanah Nabors.  Prosecutors asked Davenport to recap their evening out together.  He talked about them all going as a group to an Irish Pub then to a club which they stayed at for only a very short time before returning to the hotel.  Davenport testified they all rode up the elevator together but he exited before Nabors and Lewis saying he didn't see them again after that until the next morning.

When the defense questioned Davenport, he told them he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in the behavior or mannerisms the next morning between Nabors and Lewis after the alleged assault took place.

The state's second witness was the Greenville's Deputy County Administrator John Hansley. Hansley testified that he didn’t expect to see Nabors in Charlotte stating he only expected to see the sheriff and his command staff. 

Like Davenport, Hansley testified that they all went out that night for drinks. Hansley testified that when he spoke to his wife by phone after returning to the hotel that night the relationship between Nabors and Lewis seemed odd to him, saying it was, ”almost like the star quarterback and cheerleader.”

Hansley was questioned further about the sheriff’s office’s budget stating it was between 45 and 47 million dollars and stated that Lewis has discretion over those funds. When questioned about the money used for the trip to Charlotte, Hansley stated that Lewis does have a budget for travel and related expenses. Hansley also stated Nabors’ salary of $62,000 a year, was already in Lewis’ budget and was reallocated to create her position and salary.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright took the stand shortly before noon.

Wright testified that he had spoken to Lewis a few times before he took office and a few times afterward on issues that concerned both counties.

The lawyers questioned Wright about a text he received from Lewis in March 2017 asking whether Chuck Wright was going to the national sheriff’s office conference in Reno, NV. Wright testified that he replied that he never did.

The last witness to testify before Tuesday's lunch break was Linda Cobb, the financial manager for the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. Cobb testified that she managed the office's budget.

Cobb testified that she found out about the Charlotte trip after she received the expense receipts and had no idea the trip was for a budget meeting until months later. 

Savanah Nabors, Lewis' former assistant, testified after the lunch break.

Nabors testified that she first met Lewis while working as a paralegal at a law firm.

She said she was not involved in his campaign and was working at DSS at the time when he offered a job. Lewis promised her DSS salary, and she was hired at $62,000 per year.

Her job entailed going wherever Lewis went and doing what he did. This, Nabors testified, included getting called out to crime scenes, shooting at the range, attending meetings

Nabors said she began working for Lewis in December before he formally took office in January.

Nabors said she also received a county vehicle, phone, other electronics, and a parking spot to use in her duties. However, she said, Lewis often insisted she ride with him.

Much of the initial testimony detailed the Charlotte trip.

Nabors said there was a lot of drinking on the first night of the trip. The drinking began in the hotel bar and continued at a nearby Irish pub. The drinking then continued with a "nightcap" in Nabors' room from a bottle that she testified Lewis put in her bag before they checked into the hotel.

Nabors testified that things then got hazy for her.

She testified that she didn't remember what led up to the moment when she woke up "with him on top of me."

Through tears, Nabors said, "He was having sex with me."

“He finished what he was doing and then said we needed to go back to his room to rest.” 

The next thing Nabors said she remembered was waking up in Lewis' hotel room two hours later with no recollection of how she got there.

Nabors said Lewis then asked her if they were okay and tried to kiss her, but she turned her face away. She left soon after and returned to her room, feeling "sick" and "weak."

“I just blamed myself.”

She testified that she forced herself to "hold it together" for the second day's events.

The second day's events also included drinking alcohol, but Nabors testified that she was very cautious and aware of what she was drinking, because she blamed herself for drinking too much the night before.

She testified about another unwanted sexual encounter on the second night.

Then when they returned to Greenville, Nabors testified that Lewis asked her, "What happens in Charlotte stays in Charlotte, right?"

Nabors said she tried to focus on her work and avoid talking about what happened, but she claimed Lewis would get angry when he refused to talk about the Charlotte incidents or her feelings.

Nabors testified that Lewis began excluding her from events and making her stay behind in the office "as a punishment."

Nabors testified that she never had feelings or a physical attraction to Lewis, and was instead interested in another deputy on the SWAT team. However, she said Lewis made it clear she was not to date anyone from the department.

After an afternoon recess, the state played a series of recordings Nabors made of her interactions with Lewis after the incident.

Next, Lewis' attorney, Wise, cross-examined Nabors.

Wise questioned Nabors about a blog she wrote to publicly announce her allegations against Lewis. 

When questioned why she never filed a police report in Charlotte, Nabors testified that her attorneys at the time advised against it.

Nabors also said her attorneys at the time advised her against going public.

Wise also followed up on Nabors' testimony about waking up with Lewis on top of her, asking specifically if her first action after waking up and finding Lewis on top of her was to reach for her phone. 

Wise also questioned Nabors about statements she made during her prior deposition about her consumption of liquor on the night of the first encounter.

Wise also questions Nabors about statements she made in the recordings.

Nabors confirmed that was the sequence of events as she recalled them.

Wise also questioned Nabors about statements she made during her prior deposition about her consumption of liquor on the night of the first encounter and about statements she made in the recordings.

Proceedings wrapped for the day after Nabors was dismissed.

The solicitor's office said they hope to finish presenting their case against Lewis on Wednesday.

We'll of course have crews covering the case all week long in the court room. 

Stay with FOX Carolina for more updates. 

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