Amber Worthy learns how several businesses and organizations are partnering to get students into skilled trades with training. (7/17/2020)

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - The Associated Industries of South Carolina Foundation (AISCF) has launched an interactive website that connects job seekers, employers in skilled-trade industries, educators, guidance counselors, and high school students together. This launch coincides with the Be Pro Be Proud SC project (BPBP-SC). goes hand-in-hand with our new mobile workshop and plays an integral part in reaching our long-term objective,” said Ted Pitts, President of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

“It is designed to be a roadmap for job seekers where they can find information about professions, local training programs, and high-paying job opportunities throughout our state.” 

BeProBeProud graphic

Many of these jobs have been deemed essential so they are reminding those hoping to enter the workforce that these are well paying options.

Even in these uncertain times, the SC Chamber of Commerce is thinking ahead to how they will prepare job-seekers for entering the market especially with this focus on essential workers

Pitts believes, "a lot of these trades were identified as essential industries and they were needed to continue to happen whether you were a truck driver, or you work in a manufacturing facility or whether you are in the construction business. Those trades were seen as essential."

“Students, teachers, and job seekers will want to explore this website to fully understand the value of these jobs,” said Jill McCain, Project Manager for BPBP-SC.

“It demonstrates how learning a skilled-trade early on allows students to become a proud, successful professional in a multitude of industries while providing for themselves and their families.” is maintained by the SC Department of Employment & Workforce (DEW) - the public organization that will also manage the mobile workshop touring. 

According to the Department of Labor, over 82% of employers in skilled professions report a moderate or serious shortage of qualified applicants for available jobs. 

Be Pro Be Proud graphic

They are bringing a mobile classroom to high schools across the country to expose students to the careers. 

On the site, schools can request a visit from the mobile workshop, organizations can learn about partnerships, companies can post job opportunities, and students can sign up to Join the Movement. The inaugural tour of the Be Pro Be Proud SC mobile workshop will begin this Fall. 

Pitts says, "there’s a lot of focus obviously on getting a four year degree and a lot of times high schools try to steer their kids into those sort of career fields but there are kids that don’t want to sit behind a desk."

According to Rick Todd, President of AISCF, “The mobile workshop provides an exciting, hands-on experience for students and visitors as they use high-tech, virtual reality simulators for skilled trades. 

The website is an essential component, useful for employers that are desperately seeking skilled workers in South Carolina.” 

BPBP-SC is partnered with Charleston-based Tallo, formerly STEM Premier. This partnership allows students to “Join the Movement” – a site feature that further enhances the project’s ability to connect students with education, training, and job opportunities. 

Tallo also supports the SC Department of Education’s efforts to safely and securely track students’ progression to post-secondary options from high school and career training programs. 

Be Pro Be Proud graphic

About Be Pro Be Proud SC:   

The Be Pro Be Proud SC project was created to close the gap between job seekers and employers’ needs for a qualified workforce. Taking a unique, targeted approach to removing the stigma from “blue-collar” jobs, its goal is to educate students and the public on the appeal and the importance of these jobs for our economy.  

Modules simulating the actual work in various sectors will be housed within the workshop, which will travel throughout the state to schools, fairs, career centers, conventions, government events, military re-entry programs, and more.  

Be Pro Be Proud SC is made possible through a public-private collaboration of leaders of the Associated Industries of South Carolina Foundation (AISCF) and the Department of Employment & Workforce (DEW), and other state education, workforce, and economic development agencies. Capital to build the mobile workshop and provide the job simulators comes from the private sector. DEW and other public sectors will fund the campaign’s operation.  


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