GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -- Many South Carolina lawmakers say it's time to get students back in the classroom fulltime, but the state's largest school district worries they can't do so safely. 

Today legislators in Columbia made final vote on Bill 704, which requires all school districts to offer an full in-person learning option by April 26. 

In Greenville County, this will impact high school students. They are the only ones in the district still one a hybrid schedule.

Spokesperson Tim Waller said they're making preparations to bring all students back, but they are not happy about it. 

"We can no longer guarantee the safety of students from a social distancing standpoint once this house and senate resolution take affect," he told FOX Carolina. 

To make room for more students, all plexiglass desk dividers would have to be removed and desks would be put back in rows. Waller said this would only allow for three feet of social distancing. 

Just like the state and the school district, parents are split on the issue. 

We spoke with mom Rachel Jordan who said her ninth grader has struggled with eLearning. She said they'd both be happy to see a return to full in-person learning. 

"We're ready to see school back five days," she said. "Hopefully this last quarter of school they can at least get a little bit of what feels like ninth grade."

Other parents would rather see the school district spend the summer planning so they can bring all students back in the fall. 

David Wood, who has three students in Greenville County Schools, said even though his students are younger, he's worried they'll be impacted by the bill, too. 

"We're introducing all this change. Students from a developmental perspective they've gotten used to their schedule and what they're doing," he said. "So now we're saying, 'Let's change all this up,' and that just doesn't feel right.

We found another option for parents not ready to send their high school student back full time. Waller tells us they will still offer the 75% attendance plan option. 

This would allow students to keep four days of in-person learning most weeks and three days one week out of the month. 

In an update, the House passed the in-person instruction bill. Waller says the bill will now head back to the Senate.

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