Stranded on I-85 in Cherokee County, a Delaware family called 911 and Trooper Justin Gardner with SC Highway Patrol arrived.

The family's car had broken down and they needed a way to the airport to pick up a rental car.

Almost an hour from their destination, the family of 6 wasn't expecting Trooper Gardner to say, "Let's go," but he did.

Gardner tells us, "We put as many as we could in my car and pulled on the frontage road and let them sit in my car until the wrecker got there and when the wrecker got there he took 2 people and I took 4 and we made our way back down to the airport so they could get the rental car they already had set up."

One of the family members, Jaybryana Lopez, said it was her first time in a cop car. She says Gardner made it the smoothest ride, making them comfortable by talking about his job.

In the back seat, 6-year-old Lamar Jackson was taking it all in.

Jaybryana tells us, "As soon as we got home, he said, 'I want to be a cop. I want to be a cop."

As they waited on their rental, Trooper Gardner waited along with them and gave Lamar the ultimate cop car experience ,letting him turn on the sirens and lights.

Gardner says he was just doing his job.

"When you meet with South Carolina Highway Patrol that's what you're going to get," said Gardner. "We're here for the community and the public, and we are going to do what we can to help. That's what we are here for."

For this Delaware family and Lamar, however, it was so much more.

"I can't do anything but thank him a thousand times for being that positive impact on my little cousin," Jaybryana explained.

In time, if Lamar still wants to be a state trooper, South Carolina could be an option.

"When he's ready, come on back down here and apply. We'd love to have him," Gardner said.

Trooper Gardner says he's kept in contact with Lamar through Facetime and Facebook Messenger.

The family says they just wanted to share this story to show there are some amazing law enforcement officers out there.

Trooper Gardner and his boss have even ordered a State Trooper hat, badge stickers, and a few other things for Lamar so he can practice being a State Trooper back at home.

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