Sheriff Chuck Wright responds to copycat threats in wake of FL school shooting

School administrators suspend 4th grade Pacolet student after threat. (FOX Carolina/ Feb. 19, 2019)

It was a quiet Monday at Pacolet Elementary School despite rumblings in the hallways and on social media about a threat made at the school.

"It's very tough because they don't yet understand how serious it is," Ladicia Norris said.

Administrators say a 4th grader and another student got into an argument over snacks when the 4th grader made a threat regarding a weapon.

"Think about it before you say it," Norris said.

She has a 3rd grader at the school.

"They have to know there's certain things you can say and can't say," Norris said.

Administrators with Spartanburg County School District 3 suspended the 4th grader and as a precaution added a school resource officer.

"I'm glad about it because, I mean you never know what could happen," Norris said.

Psychologists say students and parents have anxiety after a recent school shooting in Florida.

"They don't know how to feel about it," Norris said.

There are messages of concern and gratitude on Spartanburg County School District's 3 Facebook page. One post read "We need metal detectors," and another one stated "Thank you for protecting our children."

"It's important to talk to kids about how they can handle feelings of stress and anxiety and fear in these situations," Rudy said.

She is a psychologist with Synergy Psych in Greenville. She says information about school threats or actual violence should come from parents.

"They are the best source of information for their child," Rudy said.

She says it's also important to ask children who make threats, or are acting out, what makes them feel upset, or mad at school.

"Coach their children through what are appropriate things to do and what they can do and what actions they can use when they feel that way. Give them physical things that they can do like coping skills," Rudy said.

Norris says she talks to her children and wants those conversations to be just that- talks, not real-life situations.

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