GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina)- South Carolina Highway Patrol announced on Thursday that they identified the suspect responsible for the deadly hit and run that killed an Upstate teacher in Greenville on Sunday.

Corporal Joe Hovis said on Thursday that they identified the suspect as Mantavious McMorris and have a warrant for his arrest. He is charged with Hit-and-Run with death according to Corporal Hovis.

SCHP says they are still searching for this suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call 864-241-1000 immediately. 

On Thursday, South Carolina Highway Patrol said they discovered that the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run was stolen.

Earlier this week, the Greenville County Coroner's Office identified the victim as 33-year-old Carli Brewer Soukup from Taylors, SC.

Soukup was a fifth grade teacher at Mitchell Road Elementary, according to a release from Greenville County Schools. The district says that a GCS Care Team of grief counselors will be at the school on Monday to offer support to staff. 

GCS says that parents can also bring their students into school on Monday for support. 

The Principal of Mitchell Road Elementary, Amy Kern, said in a press release, "there are no words to describe the devastation we feel in the tragic loss of Carli Soukup.  Carli was a phenomenal teacher and friend with a true gift in building lasting relationships.  Her passion and love for our school and students reached beyond the classroom.   Carli approached each day with a smile and loving spirit, inspiring each of us as well as her students.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Carli’s husband and family.  Carli will be truly missed and always remembered."

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans released this statement regarding the incident, "the bicyclist was crossing Sulphur Springs Road on the Swamp Rabbit Trail when it was struck by a vehicle that, then, left the scene. The bicyclist, identified as Carli Brewer Soukup, was pronounced dead on scene by Greenville County EMS."

Master Trooper Brandon Bolt says that the crash occurred at around 1:40 p.m. on Sunday. He says that an unknown vehicle struck the bicyclist while they were crossing a crosswalk.

Master Trooper Bolt adds that the vehicle driver left the scene following the crash. The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, according to Master Trooper Bolt. 

Sara Mcada witnessed the hit-and-run.

"We saw the young lady get hit by the truck, and catapult, and, unfortunately, hit the ground. And the truck took off," Mcada said.

At the time, she was taking her husband to the hospital after a wake boarding accident.

"All the while, my husband's head is bleeding and needing stitches, but that was miniscule to what we encountered," Mcada said.

Mcada says she did what she could to help by directing cars away from Soukup until EMS arrived. 

"I prayed for the lady while she was there. And we couldn't do a whole lot, but we did what we could," Mcada said.

Mary McGowan from Bike Walk Greenville also works in the Greenville County School system. She says she bikes the intersection almost every day.

"It just immediately occurred to be that it could have just as easily been me," McGowan said.

Cyclists are reminding drivers to pay attention

McGowan also says be mindful of your speed.

"It's just really important that, as a community, we all look out for each other, be extra patient, be willing to slow down to save a life," Mcgowan said.

And Mcada hopes other drivers take heed.

"They'll be a lot of bikers out. And we just have to remain vigilant and share the road," Mcada said, "I just can't believe that we were right there and experienced that and witnessed that. And it'll definitely stick with us forever."

Mcada says her husband is doing much better.

Highway Patrol says there have been four bicyclist deaths this year.

Here are some tips for bikers from Freewheelers Spartanburg:

• Ride with someone.
• Pick your route wisely. The time of day impacts amount of traffic on your route. Roads less traveled are better. If you track your rides, there are apps that show where other cyclists ride, or "heat maps," that can help you pick good routes.
• Wear high-viz clothing—bright yellow is the best. It can be a vest or accents on your moving body parts.
• Daylight "blinkies" are the most important part and front and rear lights.  They must be "daylight" bright enough to be seen at 1/4 mile. 
• Let others know where you are going. There are tracking apps that do that also. ROAD iD Workout App - Training GPS Tracking Application | Road iD. Also other devices that have crash detection capabilities that alert others if you get hit or are involved in a crash.
• If you can, add front/rear cameras. Garmin, Go-Pro cameras, and many others are an option.
• If you get into an altercation, do not escalate the situation. Remain calm.
They suggest that drivers maintain at least three feet of space and drive defensively.  

Highway Patrol released information regarding the driver responsible for the fatal hit and run. They say the person was driving a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado with a South Carolina License plate of SXQ398. A photo of the vehicle can be found below. 

Flier regarding the deadly hit-and-run on Sulphur Springs Road

A flier giving information on the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run on Sunday. (South Carolina Highway Patrol, June 7, 2021)

Anyone with information regarding the situation is asked to sub it an anonymous tip by calling the South Carolina Highway Patrol at 864-241-100 or 1-800-768-1503, Crime Stoppers at 864-232-7463.

The Greenville County Coroner's Office says they are investigating the crash with South Carolina Highway Patrol.

The family has created a website with information on ways to donate to fund her honor and more at this link: Carli's Legacy

The goal of that fund is to provide financial assistance for counseling for Greenville County Schools students in times of need, as well as heightened safety of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

This is all of the information that we have at this time. We will continue to update this story as more details are released.

Zach Prelutsky reports with new information on the hit-and-run that killed schoolteacher Carli Soukup last weekend.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to call the South Carolina Highway Patrol or CrimeStoppers.

More news: Troopers: Man charged in DUI death of teenager along Old Hills Bridge Rd. 

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Another Killer Koon takes a innocent life and people are silent and hoping the police will stop this before it happens again. We need to get rid of them before it happens again.


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This man has been arrested 40 times. He is a career criminal. This woman would still be alive if this POS was in prison for life, where habitual offenders belong. The Judge and Solicitor who have repeatedly let this man back the streets have blood on their hands.


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