Sensory safe holiday party to be held for those with autism

SC Autism Society hosts sensory safe holiday part at Grace Church- Pelham in Greenville County. (FOX Carolina/ Nov. 28, 2017)

Cash registers ring and shoppers zip through malls and stores.

Morgan Muir said the extreme loud noises and big crowds can be too much for her 9-year-old son, Shepard, because sensory stimulation irritates him.

"We actually use headphones for the loud sounds and that helps a lot," Muir said.

As a toddler, doctors diagnosed her son with autism.

"He used to babble and had some words and then I remembered one day I hadn't heard his little voice in forever," Muir said.

She says despite his struggles, he's like every other little boy. Very intelligent and very technology-oriented. However, during the holiday season, it can be difficult, until now.

Susan Leiby works with the South Carolina Autism Society and is the event coordinator for a sensory safe holiday party.

"We're trying to take that stress off," Leiby said."To give them an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.""The best thing is the holiday shop," Leiby said.

Those at the event will be able to get sweet treats, pictures with Santa, and buy gifts in an environment with low-lighting.

"It's something then that they picked out. They'll decorate a bag, they'll wrap it up themselves," Leiby said." Christmas morning under the tree there will be a gift for a parent or caretaker that that child or young adult with Autism picked out themselves."

The event will be held at Grace Church- Pelham in Greenville County.

"He's kind of in his own environment and it's easier for him to enjoy it and just be a typical kid that gets to enjoy the Christmas time," Muir said.

The holiday party will be held at Grace Church- Pelham in Greenville County on Saturday, December 2. The event will take place from 1- 3 p.m.

For more information on how to register for the event and a shopping pass, click here.

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