Shannon Sommerville


Shannon Sommerville is a sports anchor and reporter for FOX Carolina.

Shannon grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in psychology before earning a graduate degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami.

Before moving to Greenville, Shannon worked two years as sports director at News Channel 34 in Binghamton, NY before hosting a fantasy sports show called “Stats Insights” on the Fantasy Sports Network where she learned about predictive analytics and sports statistics. Shannon also did sideline reporting for Time Warner Cable Sports, but said she looks forward to returning to her sports reporting roots.

Shannon joined FOX Carolina in September 2015.


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Awards and Recognitions: 2015 Society of Professional Journalists Region 3 Mark of Excellence: Television in Depth Reporting

On the weekends, I love to: Spend time with family and friends whenever possible.

My favorite movie is: “The Natural” and anything from Alfred Hitchcock

My favorite kind of music is: Everything! Classic rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, even Classical.

My favorite food is: Pizza

Hidden talents: I can recite every lyric to “Forgot About Dre.” Is that a talent?

Hobbies: Watch/play sports including pickup basketball. Reading, comic books, fantasy sports, surfing, going to the beach, live music, watching TV and movies (I’ve been known to go on some pretty epic Netflix binges).

Community service: I’m a New York state certified EMT, worked with the Magic Paintbrush Project, and D.I.F.D. (Do It For Daron)) initiative to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Most memorable story: The Do It For Daron initiative to raise awareness about mental health issues was the most heart wrenching story I’ve ever covered because of the Richardson family’s bravery in speaking candidly about this issue they are helping others who have been affected by mental illness, saving lives. Since that interview, I’ve tried to be as involved as possible in helping their cause to promote awareness and understanding around the issue of mental health.

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