Sheriff's Facebook post about pickup with anti-Trump decal met with ire

Source: Sheriff Troy E. Nehls

A Texas sheriff’s Facebook post about weighing possible charges against the driver of a truck with an anti-Trump message on it is going viral.

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls posted a photo Wednesday of a pickup truck with a large decal on its rear window that reads “F--- Trump and F--- you for voting for him.”

In the post, the sheriff said he had received numerous complaints about the truck and he called for the driver to come forward to discuss the sticker. Nehls said the county’s prosecutor would approve disorderly conduct charges but he was hoping the owner would agree to modifying the sticker.

The post was shared more than 8,000 times and more than 16,000 people shared their thoughts on the sticker, many arguing that the message was protected free speech and others pointed out some phrases President Trump has used in the past to defend the motorist.

The ACLU of Texas even tweeted at the sheriff, claiming that he could not prosecute just because the sticker contained the “F” word.

.@SheriffTNehls, you can't prosecute speech just because it has the word "f*ck" in it. (And the owner of the truck should feel free to contact @ACLUTx.) #ConstitutionalLaw101 #FreeSpeech— ACLU of Texas (@ACLUTx) November 15, 2017

The sheriff responded to one person’s question about the possible charge by posting the law regarding disorderly conduct in his jurisdiction:

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