Sister, brother reunited in Upstate after 50+ years thanks to genealogy service

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - An Upstate woman says it's always been her dream to meet her siblings, but she began to lose faith after several decades of searching.

Thursday night, she says her family is complete after she met her brother for the first time here in Greenville thanks to a genealogy service. 

There reunion is a sweet story that you will only see here on FOX Carolina. 

Sarah Robinson was only 3 months when she says her mother died from leukemia... and since she was so little, she didn't remember anything about her siblings, but luckily they remembered her and have been searching for her ever since. 

Robinson nervously walked into the Greenville Spartanburg Regional Airport to await the arrival of her big brother.

Her mother's death lead to her 5 kids being separated to different homes, except tonight... they are together under the same roof thanks to a genealogy service that brought them back together. 

Sarah Robinson says, "I’m amazed that he found me because I figured... he would remember me. I knew by the death certificate, but I didn't know if he had it and to find out that he was looking for me and found me? Oh that was just awesome!"

Leonard Sweatt says he never gave up because he remembers being that 4 year old who was excited to be a big brother.

Sweatt says, "I was excited because I already had two older brothers. So I was excited to have a baby sister."

He says he has two heart attacks a couple years back, but he thinks that he was able to push through to get this moment right here.

"I had a purpose I had a purpose and I knew she was out there and I had to find her some how some way somehow. I’m not getting any younger she’s not getting any younger we are not getting any younger," says Sweatt.

At 11 pm Wednesday night, their wish was granted. Leonard, who now lives in Texas with his wife, booked a flight to meet his sister and her husband in the Upstate. They tell me their other two brothers have since passed away as well... so they are holding on tight to each other. 

Robinson says, "they are with mama now and we are together. Absolutely. That’s all that matters. Our family is together." 

Sarah's husband had just purchased a genealogy kit for her to try and a short time after that, she got a call from her aunt who told her that her brother was calling around looking for her.

"We figured that was the last straw. We would try that and then hopefully we will find them and he beat me to it so he did good," says Robinson.

They believe their mom is looking down on them now and that she is happy that they've found their way back together. 

Leonard Sweatt believes, "She would be down on her knees crying right now so happy."

Sarah Robinson continued saying, "She wanted a little girl so bad because she had three boys and the other family told me you know she wanted you so bad. She’s always been in my heart." 

Leonard says he has no use for wish fountains anymore because his wish came true. 

Sweatt says, "It makes everything else null in void now. It’s like I know it was hard work getting here, but hey it paid off and that’s the main thing. I’m not getting any younger she’s not getting any younger we are not getting any younger."

Robinson responded, "he's starting that brotherly love too early there on that old age stuff."

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