Slater-Marietta family's cat drags himself home after shot

Jiggles the cat at the doctor's office. (Dec. 19, 2013/FOX Carolina)

If cats have nine lives, it may be fair to say an Upstate feline named Jiggles has gone through a lot of them in recent weeks.

His bright holiday casts hide some pretty serious injuries. Veterinarians believe he fractured both of his hind legs after he was shot in the Slater-Marietta area.

"At first I thought he was attacked by coyotes," said Jiggles owner. "Come to find out at the vet after X-raying him, he had bullet fragments still in him - that's how we came to find out he was shot."

They don't know who shot Jiggles, or if it was simply a hunting accident or intentional, but that's only the beginning of his story. After he was critically injured, his family said he was determined to crawl all the way home.

"Clearly he's a young strong cat," said veterinarian Dr. Jocelyn Garber. "It's impressive that he made it home in the condition he was in, and the wounds didn't get infected and kill him before he made it."

Once he was finally at the veterinarian's office, they discovered Jiggles is anemic and needed a blood transfusion.

"He stopped breathing really when he walked into the door," Garber said. "If they had stopped at one more red light he probably wouldn't have made it."

Despite all of that, he managed to survive and is not wanting to stay still. The Community Pet Project has reached out to help Jiggles survive his injuries.

So far, donations have poured in from across the world and they're helping Jiggles' family pay for his medical bills. But there is still a lot more that needs to be done.

Jiggles is in need of more surgery, and the family's funds are running out. Those wanting to help Jiggles' expenses can donate through the Community Pet Project by clicking here.

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