You might not think much about the tab on your soda can, but it turns out that little piece of aluminum can be worth a lot, especially when they start adding up.

At the Ronald McDonald house in Greenville, those tiny tabs turn into cash, and it's money that goes straight to the nonprofit.

Five years ago, one Upstate family decided they would take on the mission to collect one million tabs for the Ronald McDonald house, a place that had helped them through an extremely tough time, when their newborn son Owen, now 5, was in the NICU at Greenville Memorial.

Tiffany Jolly and her family stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for more than two weeks while Owen recovered.

"While we were there, we realized they collected the tabs and 100% of the profits went directly to the Ronald McDonald house," Jolly explained. "So after seeing the wall and talking to the director, we found out that no individual had ever made the Million Tab Club. We set a personal goal as a family to be the first to reach the Million Tab Club."

Now, the Jolly family is so close to reaching their goal. Tiffany Jolly explained how significant one soda tab can be.

"I would just like for everyone to realize that even something as small as a tab on a can, can add up to something immeasurable."

The Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House, Marti Spencer, told FOX how important programs like their tab donation one, really are.

"That translates to giving parents the bandwidth to not have to pay to stay here," said Spencer. "We only ask for a $10 a night donation, if they can make that, and if they can't, it’s the community and programs like this that enable us to say, 'You don't have to pay anything to stay here, we want you to focus on your child.'"

The Jolly family is hoping to drop off all the tabs to the Ronald McDonald house next week.

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