SLATER MARIETTA, SC (FOX Carolina) - The Slater Marietta community association is addressing the food disparities in their area. Their grocery store remains closed - for three years now. In less than two weeks, there will be a farmers market close to the homes of many of the residents in need.

It’s no secret that there are several food deserts in the upstate in rule areas where there is a large senior population, a group here in Slater Marietta is working to solve an issue that started three years ago when this grocery store closed.

At Jimi Turner Park, there will be a community market selling fresh produce within walking distance for most.

Sarah Brown says, "Opportunity for them to offer their produce to families that they don’t otherwise know about and hopefully this will be a year round thing in the future where they will get be able to get to know what is in the area.

An area that has been considered a food desert for three years, this group is reaching out to stores to take it's place for a long term solution.

"They care a lot about our community and the people in our community and they do everything they can to help them," Tiffany Epps says.

I met a member of the Slater Marietta community association a few weeks ago when they told me in the meantime this community market will make it possible for many who've needed healthier options close by.

"It’s very exciting to think about what this can do for the community not just for the market but springing into other opportunities for us," Brown believes.

"If they can’t get out and they don’t have the transportation or the means to get out and get healthy produce, it’s a great thing to have nearby," Epps says.

They also say that they are looking for more vendors is a quickly more farmers who may be looking for a place to sell their produce this would be an opportunity to put the money back into some local farmers pockets as well.

You can reach organizers at

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