SPARTANBURG, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - An AT&T spokesman said an agreement has been reached with the company's wireline workers and the strike is over.

Workers across the southeast will be headed back to work Wednesday afternoon.

Over the weekend, some Upstate AT&T employees began participating "in an active strike against unfair labor practices" according to D.J. Pearson, the Spartanburg Vice President of the CWA. 

Union group on strike at Upstate AT&T locations, spokesperson says

Pearson, the 'Communication Workers of America (CWA)' District 3 Vice President, said that the entire district, which covers 9 southeastern states, were participating in the strike because it AT&T had yet to bargain a fair contract with the union. 

AT&T Strike in Greenville 8/26

AT&T employees throughout the Southeast are striking against unfair labor practices - including several in Greenville County. 

Workers continued to demonstrate through the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday across the Upstate.

ATT Strike (1).jpg

AT&T workers in the Upstate on strike Tuesday (Aug. 27, 2019 / FOX Carolina)

ATT Strike (2).jpg

AT&T workers in the Upstate on strike Tuesday (Aug. 27, 2019 / FOX Carolina)

FOX Carolina reached out to AT&T for a comment on the strikes, where Marty Richter spoke on behalf of the company: 

"A strike would be in no one’s best interest. We’re baffled as to why union leadership would call one when we’re offering terms that would help our employees – some of whom average from $121,000 to $134,000 in total compensation – be even better off. 

We have offered the union terms that are consistent with what other CWA-represented employees have approved in recent contract negotiations; the company has reached 20 fair agreements since 2017 covering more than 89,000 employees.  

We’re prepared for a strike and in the event of a work stoppage, we will continue working hard to serve our customers. 

This contract includes less than 8 percent of our employees."

Monday, Richter provided a little more information on a comment made concerning negotiators getting back "to the bargaining table." 

The CWA's bargaining committee left the table on August 19 and returned a few days later. Richter says the team is staying in Atlanta - and is ready to bargain when the time comes. 

"We look forward to productive negotiations and remain committed to reaching a fair agreement – just as we have with dozens of other CWA contracts over the years, including five similar agreements reached in late June and early July and ratified by CWA members," Richter said.

On Wednesday, Richter confirmed that an agreement had been reached.

"We’ve been working with the union’ s bargaining team and we’ve been committed throughout the process to reaching a fair agreement. Out of respect for the bargaining process we don’t have anything else to add at this time," Richter said.

Richeter said the company denies any allegations of unfair labor practices, however, and said the bargaining team negotiated this contract the same way they have successfully done with dozens of other CWA groups over the years.

"We listen, engage in substantive discussions and share proposals back and forth until we reach agreement," Richter said.

A union officer with the Communications Workers of America Local 3702 in Anderson South Carolina said workers will be back on the job starting Wednesday at 1 p.m.

 More information on the Upstate CWA can be found here. 


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They must stay on strike a lot. When I have a problem with AT&T's services it takes 2 hours to get a human on the phone. Then when I tell them the problem they always ask me to hold while they transfer me to someone who can help with that problem and hang up on me. 2 hours of being on hold again I get another human and tell them my problem all over again. Then they tell me stupid stuff to do, like unplug my phone. Now just how am I suppose to talk to them if I unplug my phone?

Eventually they tell me they will send a service person out but the earliest one available is 3 weeks from now and he can be here between 8 AM and 8 PM on that date. So I go without internet service for 3 weeks and you would think they would adjust my bill for the time I had no service, but no that doesn't happen. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they supposedly looked into it and told me AT&T told them they were doing the best they could and that was the end of it. If all the employees quit I don't think the service could get much worse.

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