South Carolina bill focuses on cyclist and pedestrian safety

Josh Duncan (Courtesy of Family)

There's been a push in recent years in South Carolina to make roads safer for cyclists in the state, as more people take up bicycling as a hobby or to stay in shape.

Some say, one way to do that is with a new bill focused on safer roads for cyclists and pedestrians.

H3615 defines cyclists and pedestrians as “vulnerable road users “ and says, if a driver does not yield to them when they have the right-of-way, the driver would be charged with a misdemeanor, and be required to take an 8 hour defensive driving course.

Beverly Pack's son Josh Duncan was killed last summer. He was cycling with a group on Highway 101 near Woodruff when he was hit and killed by a driver.

“From what I understand, MAIT did an investigation. The driver just didn't see him, they saw the others in the group, but just didn't see him.”

She is hoping stricter laws will make everyone more aware of what’s happening on the roads.

“I want to do something so that other families don't have to live with what I have to live with every day. I want Josh's death to mean something.”

The bill also touches on pedestrian crosswalk safety and changes the language that is currently the law from "yield" to "stop" for a pedestrian who is crossing the roadway within a crosswalk.

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