SPARTANBURG, SC (Fox Carolina) - McKrae Game said he taught gay people how to suppress their sexuality for years. Now the former conversion therapy leader is coming out as gay.

Game founded an organization to convert people in the Upstate, it grew into one the nation's largest conversion therapy organization. He is opening up about his journey and where he stands now.

"I have been living a role, I’ve been living for everyone else except me. And I’m tired. I just can’t do that anymore," Game said. 

Game said he knew sine he was 19 years old he was gay. But after being "saved" at the age of 22, it was a part of him that he tried to suppress. 

"Accepting the fact that I am a gay man, I would never say those words for 28 years," Game said. 

The original face and founder of "Hope for Wholeness" has always been open about his past and attractions to men. He said he wanted to follow Jesus, but what his faith preached and who he was seemed to be at odds. 

"If I was going to be a follower of Jesus, this part of me it had to die. And part of Christianity is die to yourself.  But by doing that, a part of me did die."

That belief fueled creating "Hope for Wholeness," something McKrae now says he'd like to see shut down. On their website, the organization says they don't endorse "conversion therapy." The website states they do believe in helping people "grow into hetero-sexuality." 

"I was suppressing what was so core to me and to try and lead other people to suppress their attractions and be something different than who they really are. That and all the pressures of running an organization was eating me alive."

McKrae apologized to all of those who went through therapy, saying he went with one young man to counseling after he was having flashbacks. 

"I’m sorry for 20 years of telling you to repress your homosexuality. I wasn’t able to do it successfully and I don’t think anyone can," Game said. 

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