(FOX Carolina) – According to Unacast’s Social Distancing Scoreboard, South Carolina is the only state in the US to receive a grade of “F” in terms of social distancing activity.

Click here to see the US Scoreboard.

Click here to see the SC Scoreboard.

Unacast’s scoreboard also provides a county-by-county breakdown.

All but one Upstate county received grades of either “D” or “F.”

Abbeville earned the highest marks in the Upstate with a “B-.”

Oconee, Greenville, Laurens, and Union all earned “D” grades while Pickens, Anderson, Spartanburg, Greenwood, and Cherokee all earned “F” grades.

Click here to read about Unacast’s methodology.

MORE NEWS - 15 new coronavirus-related deaths reported in SC, new projections indicate up to 1,200 new cases per week possible by mid-May

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So, does an F equal more cases of COVID-19? If so how many? Or is an F just a bad grade on a poorly designed test? Seems like a story someone would want to tell, because just getting a bad grade doesn't really mean anything to people until it is connected to the reality of what it means. How about providing some context so people can effectively use the information. When stories like this don't that provide a more complete picture it just leads to conjecture and conspiracy theories from all sides


Well since y'all can Predict how many cases are going to be in May then please tell me what the lottery numbers are going to be next week so I can win the lottery. Oh thats right ur experts has been wrong on every matter on this.


I'm not sure how the updates work but the site shows 9 states with F's. Most states are Cs and Ds. It also shows New York with a C- and Cali with a D+, two states that have some of the worst numbers. So is F good here?


Not surprising given the character of the people who live here and the lack of even mild enforcement of distancing guidelines.

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