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Greenville, S.C. (FOX Carolina) -- Twenty-eight years ago George and Claire Black said "I do."

 “She’s a wonderful wife and I love her," George Black said.

However, time has a way of introducing us to life. Two years ago, doctors

diagnosed his wife with kidney disease.

“It’s scary to have a disease that will kill you," he said.

Claire Black's kidney is now functioning at only 10 percent. Her name is on two transplant waiting lists, one in Augusta and one at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

 “You don’t know what’s going to work," George Black said.

Like many who are in need, the Blacks posted a sign to their cars to let anyone and everyone know about the need for a kidney. Potential recipients are getting creative with yards signs, posters, social media pages, and billboards.

“What you’re seeing out there right now is people saying my loved one needs a kidney or I need a kidney will you donate," Mark Johnson said.

He's the media coordinator with Donate Life South Carolina.

“Once you get on that waiting list, it becomes a matter of your blood type, the size of a person you are and various other things," Johnson said.

Righ now in South Carolina there are nearly 1,100 people waiting for a transplant and more than a 1,000 of them are waiting for a kidney.

“You compound that with all the other people who are being added to the waiting list who are are already on there - people can wait several years," John said.

George Black and his wife Claire wait and hope in time she'll get a new life.

“We’ve had probably three or four people who’ve stepped forward and offered to do it, but for one reason or another they couldn’t qualify," George Black said.

Doctor's say donors live normal lives after donating a kidney. If you're interested in becoming a potential donor for Claire Black, you can contact the Blacks at (864) 483-7932.

Advocates with Donate Life South Carolina say if you become a donor you can live a legacy of saving lives. Those who become organ donors can save eight lives and those who those who become tissue donors improve the lives of 75 people.

If you would like to become an organ donor you register at your local Department of Motor Vehicle office. If you're an iPhone user you can register by using the health app under the medical tab. Another way to sign up to become a donor is to register on Donate Life South Carolina's web page.

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