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Greenville, S.C. (FOX Carolina) --  AeroAngel will be providing a free, private jet flight for a Greenville teenager, officials report to media. 

Evan is a 16-year-old boy who was diagnosed with ITCH, a rare immunodeficiency.  Evan and his family went to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after years of medical challenges to receive a bone marrow transplant that is sure to change his life forever; his brother was the donor.

 A social worker at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia contacted AeroAngel about a flight for Evan. 

AeroAngel worked closely with North Carolina based Children’s Flight of Hope to evaluate every possible option. In total over 148 aircraft owners and operators were contacted by these two charities to find a suitable aircraft and financial solution.

   Founded in 2010, AeroAngel is a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides free, long-distance flights on private jet aircraft to children with no other travel options to access distant, life-saving medical care. 

AeroAngel has done nearly 100 critical flights to and from medical facilities across the country.

   There is a growing need for this service due to the increased specialization at the nation’s 281 children’s hospitals.  Without private jet aircraft that can accommodate medical equipment, children like Evan would not have the chance to access the truly life-changing medical care available.

For Evan, travel on a commercial airline is impossible given his fragile medical condition at this time.  Very few families can afford the cost of a private jet charter that could cost in excess of $17,000 for a one-way flight like this. That is where AeroAngel and Children’s Flight of Hope make a difference.

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