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GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Singer Benton Blount claims he was kicked off a tour with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top after posting a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and an “I Voted” sticker on election day.

The photo, which also shows Blount holding food items from Chick-Fil-A was captioned, "Someone reading this just got offended multiple times. My work here is done! #Vote"

Blount, from Greenville, was a contestant on the TV show America’s Got Talent.

According to a follow-up post on Facebook, Blount said he was banned from Facebook for 24 hours and lost his spot on Gibbons tour after making the post.

“I was banned from Facebook (for 24 hours) and now I’ve just been banned from my opening spot on the Billy Gibbons tour. But suppression of Conservative opinion doesn’t happen and it doesn’t effect your career,” the singer posted.

The singer expressed his concern via a Facebook Live video:

A spokesman for the Billy Gibbons tour released this statement on Friday:

“Benton Blount was disinvited to continue the tour because of a creative decision.”

No other explanation was offered.

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No one care that he voted for Trump. No one cares that he was wearing a MAGA hat. Had he left the picture at that he would still be playing his gig. He brought hate into the picture with his Chick-fil-A saying someone must be offended multiple times. He chose to post hate against the LGBTQ community simply from the addition of Chick-fil-A. What's the difference had he been wearing a KKK suite with his I Voted sticker and MAGA hat saying, 'someone must be offended multiple job is done.'? He targeted hate on purpose. Hate should stay in country music where it has its roots, not Top 100 rock.


I'm disinviting Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top from my life because of a creative decision.


This type of intolerance is exactly what is wrong with much of America today

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