Four years later, Jack Bauer didn't let viewers down in the need for speed and action in Monday night's pilot episode of the new season of 24: Live Another Day.

Favorite characters are back, along with some new faces. They graced the red carpet Friday night at the show's worldwide premiere in New York City.

Creators explain that the 12 episodes slated for season nine, versus 24, may have a lot of people wondering how this season will work, but that it just means there's a lot more action packed in to each show. They said that there is tons more action to come.

The stars got comfortable at the premiere. Newcomer Tate Donovan acted as a reporter, taking the microphone. He conducted an impromptu interview on himself before answering questions and then asking a few to his co-star, Giles Matthey.

Donovan said his character, Mark Boudreau, is one of the best written roles he's had in a long time.

Kim Raver's character, Audrey Raines, is paired with Boudreau this season. She appreciates Audrey's transformation.

"Going from being a very strong working kind of woman in Washington to really being much quieter, and more passive than you've seen her, to finding her voice again in this season, which is exciting for me," said Raver.

Writers, producers, directors and actors each have a different take on the return of Jack Bauer after four years.

Co-creator Howard Gordon said, "What made us want to bring back Jack was the fact that we really missed him. I missed him. Kiefer [Sutherland] missed him. … It was really an opportunity to bring back an old friend, and to work with old friends again, and it was really as simple as that."

Award winning composer Sean Callery said he didn't even know the show was coming back until he heard it in the papers. "I called somebody and they said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah it's happening.' I said – ‘Good to know!' And it's here, here we are, 13 years later after we started."

Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O'brian, said she was shocked to hear the show was coming back.

"I had kind of moved on with my life and to be shooting in London, everything about it has been a wonderful surprise." She explained that her character experiences new love as she sticks with Jack overseas.

The actors say London as its setting can serve as its own character throughout.

Veterans from the show, like Raver, said it was surprisingly easy to jump back in, and she's enjoyed working with new faces, too.

Benjamin Bratt takes on the role of Steve Navarro. He called the experience of filming his first scene opposite Jack Bauer "bizarre."

"I know that's Kiefer Sutherland, but that's Jack Bauer. That's James Bond meets The Terminator, that's the guy that's indestructible," he said.

With plans to assassinate the president, after hiding out in Eastern Europe for four years, even Jack Bauer himself had reservations about a second debut.

Kiefer Sutherland, who stars as Bauer, explained, "I think the biggest thing I was nervous about, you just don't want to do a disservice to the show and the history and the legacy of what it was, and once I got over that, I felt a lot better."

Of course, once reviews started coming in, Sutherland doesn't have all that much to worry about except, of course, saving the world.

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