On Wednesday, officials confirmed a man who had ties to a investigation into explosives in Anderson County was indicted on 12 federal charges.

Wesley Dallas Ayers, 27, was arrested in March on the federal offense of possession of an unregistered firearm. Property records indicated Ayers had ties to the 900 block of Travis Road, where the FBI had executed a federal search warrant amid an investigation into numerous explosive devices found throughout Anderson County.

In a preliminary detention hearing for Ayers, federal agents confirmed they believed the suspect was involved in the explosive incidents. Agents testified that a search of the property on Travis Road revealed mutilated clown and animal masks matching posts on Ayers' social media counts.

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Agents said Ayers has a tattoo of a teddy bear with glowing, red eyes on his left arm. In the investigation into an explosive device found on Feb. 15 on Little Mountain Road, agents said a teddy bear with red, glowing was found sitting upright on a basket. An x-ray of the device revealed pipes and a battery inside, agents said.

The FBI also said Ayers' fingerprints were on some of the devices.

A judge denied bond for Ayers after the testimony, saying the suspect was a danger to himself and the community.

The U.S. Attorney said on Wednesday a federal grand jury returned a 12-count indictment against Ayers, charging him with transportation of explosive materials with the intent to injure, possession and use of destructive devices during the commission of a violent crime, and use of a destructive device during the commission of a felony.

If convicted, Ayers could face up to life in prison.

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