Teen spreading positivity before undergoing open heart surgery

GoFundMe for Zoe McDaniels, who will have open heart surgery in July (FOX Carolina/ 6/7/18)

An Upstate teenager is going through a challenging event most adults would have a hard time facing. Fourteen-year-old Zoe McDaniels is scheduled to undergo open heart surgery in July.

Instead of worrying about herself, she is spreading positivity and never missing a beat.

"I'm always smiling. You can't catch me on a day when I'm not smiling," said Zoe. "If I'm not smiling, you know somethings up."

Her smile never fades, showcasing her bravery for all to see.

"The day that it happened it was really heartbreaking, but the day that I got the papers, stating the date, it really hit me. It really hit me hard," Zoe's mother Karen McDaniels said.

Karen remembers when the doctors told her that her daughter would require open heart surgery.

"It is very strenuous for the last 14 years knowing that she had a hole in her heart," said Zoe's father, Paul McDaniels said.

Doctors have known since her birth that Zoe has a hole inside her heart, keeping an eye on it. About six months ago, doctors said it's time for surgery.

"I wasn't upset, because I'm happy it's getting fixed and getting done and over with so I can have a heart healthy life," said Zoe.

McDaniels's life medicine is getting her heart pumping with dance, without fear of her heart condition.

Now her community is returning the favor and raising money for her trip down to Charleston. Her surgery will be at MUSC on July 20.

Zoe set up a Go Fund Me to try and help her parents with the surgery costs. "I just hope that I don't stop dancing...I just hope that I'm still Zoe," she said.

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