Young Brothers Academy hosts 2nd Annual Honoring The Promise Gala

GREENVILLE, SC. (FOX Carolina) - A local mentoring organization is hoping to inspire young men across the upstate by being the role models they wished they had when they were younger.

Today they fitted the teens for tuxedos ahead of their 2nd annual gala tomorrow.

Just like many of us when we get a new outfit... we are definitely feeling ourselves, feeling like we are on top of the world... but this organization hopes that when these teens walk through these doors that the tuxedos are just the start of truly inspiring them to do great things.

These Upstate teens will be dressed to the nines Friday night for the 2nd Annual Honoring The Promise Gala in downtown Greenville, hosted by the Young Brother's Academy.

Justus Cox, co-founders Young Brothers Academy, says "it’s been a whole year... We went back and asked them what their favorite part so far of the young Brothers Academy and all of them said the gala."

Their shoes are shined and bow ties are ready to go.

At the event, they will hear from inspirational speakers and fellowship with young professionals from all over the area.

It's crunch time to get their final alterations for their tuxedos before Friday.

Deon Byrd, Owner of Byrd Clothing, says "I’m just grateful that the organizers trust me enough to actually come in, fit those young man and get them a tuxedo that they actually looks good on them because hey everybody feels better when they look GOOD."

"Exposure is one of the big things that we all can ATTESTS to change our lives being able to see something bigger and greater than ourselves," says Cox.

The Co-founders of the Young Brother's Academy, Justus, Breylon and Andre say it's about being a positive influence in their students lives so that they believe in their true potential.

Cox says, "you cannot be what you haven’t seen and so it exposes them to the world around them and the greatness inside of them so they can understand who they truly are"

The organization aims to "give them a voice, but also let them know and feel that they are special and that they are important."

The Young Brother Academy says the three pillars they stand on are education, empowerment, exposure.

Cox says, "a quote that I will repeat to the day I die is be who you need when you were younger. We can’t necessarily change their environment, but we can change their mindset and the way they think and the way they react to certain situations. That is our goal to change the way they think and hopefully change the way they act."

If you want to support the organization and their mission, you can donate to their initiatives here.

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