The sun is out and now so are snakes

The sun is out and now so are snakes. (FOX Carolina/ April 11, 2018)

When Michael Bayne stepped outside he saw it.

"It was just really really sluggish, not really active," Bayne said.

He lives in Simpsonville and got a request from his neighbor to help her remove a snake from her yard.

"I went out, it was right...literally at a tree in the front yard," he said.

Bayne's home backs up to a wooded area and is near a creek.

"We've had snakes in our yard. We're back up against the woods and we just try to be aware," he said.

Lately, those who live in the Upstate seem pretty confused about cold temperatures in Spring, and so are snakes.

"It's cold one day, it's warm the next," he said.

However, now the Spring days are heating up. Barbara Foster, the reptile curator at the Greenville Zoo, explains why those who live in the area may see more snakes slithering in their yards.

"It's a combination of the amount of daylight and temperature," Foster said. "They're basking in the sun and warming up and beginning to go about their yearly business of feeding and breeding."

She says the snake near the Bayne home is a Yellow Belly Water snake and there are several different kinds of snakes in the area.

"There are 21 different types of snakes in the Upstate of South Carolina and of those three of them are venomous," Foster said.

One of the most common venomous snakes in the Upstate is the Copperhead. A FOX Carolina viewer sent us a picture of one camouflaged in leaves in his yard.

"It is hard to see them, but if you were to encounter them pretty much their main goal is to remain still and not be noticed at all," Foster said.

She says snakes have a job to do. She says they eat rodents and keep ticks and fleas away from people and their pets. Foster says snakes are just as much afraid of us as we are of them.

"When they feel the vibrations of a human's footsteps that means danger to them," she said. "So any snake that you encounter...just be safe and stay back."

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