GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) Inside Prisma Health Upstate, doctors and nurses are on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight. So, they’re equipped with masks and this Ear Saver.

“This takes the pressure off of your ears and shifts in onto the back of your head,” Cody Reynolds said.

He’s the technology transfer manager with Prisma Health. When he learned about the discomfort of wearing masks for several hours from healthcare workers, he and those with the Rapid Innovation Task Force worked on a solution.

“It makes it more comfortable to wear because it’s not putting too much strain and damaging that ear tissue,” Reynolds said.

He did some research and found the Ear Saver, which wraps around the straps of masks.

“We’ve asked to MSI Mold Builders to manufacture one for each of our 30,000 employees,” Reynolds said.

Roger Klouda is the president at MSI Mold Builders and there is a plant in Greenville County.

“We manufacture plastic injection molds. We do everything from molds that weigh 100-150 pounds to molds that weigh 187,000 pounds,” Klouda said. ”We were actually quite excited about the opportunity to help the community here and Prisma.”

He says manufacturing took a hit with COVID-19 and sales are down 30 percent, but he says donating those Ear Savers gives employees a different kind of boost.

“We have made to date almost 60,000 of these Ear Savers,” he said.“Being able to make a mold make parts and makes somebody’s life better even if it’s just as simple as making them more comfortable, we’re all for it.”

Klouda and Reynolds say the Ear Savers help keep healthcare workers and those they come in contact with safe.

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