USC NDA Dance Champs

USC won the NDA division championship for the first time in the program's history.

SOUTH CAROLINA (FOX Carolina) - Three collegiate teams in the Palmetto State have officially made history.

Back in April, not only did Clemson University's spirit squad, the College of Charleston's cheer team, and the University of South Carolina's dance team win their first national championships in their program's history, the NCA's director of marketing confirmed this is the first time in history this many cheer and dance teams on the college level from South Carolina have won in the same year.

Clemson cheer coach Tori Polsinello says it was a great way to end a tough season.

"It's exciting. It's great for our state," Polsinello said, "Knowing that our hard work paid off, especially this year after so much change and hardship."

Polsinello says they had to compete virtually, which came with it's own challenges.

"You want to be perfect, if you're sending in that video, because those judges could watch it multiple times," Polsinello said.

USC and C of C performed in person in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Cougars had to take safety precautions. And The Gamecocks had to take COVID-19 tests frequently.

And all teams had to compete and prepare during the pandemic—practicing as many days as they can safely for hours.

Wyatt Davis, of Greenwood, is the Co-Captain of C of C's cheer squad, which is lead by Coach Sam Pairet.

"We had two, 14-day quarantines almost back-to-back. So, we lost about a month," Davis said.

C of C cheer team member Cassidy Pinson says she was just happy to be back on the mats again.

"It was incredible. I haven't been able to compete since 2019 in high school. So, just being able to compete again was the best feeling," Pinson said.

Davis sees how significant these wins mean for the state.

"That's really good for the state. I mean, not only our school, but all these South Carolina Schools. I mean, we're making a name for ourselves," Davis said.

USC dance coach Lindsay Sprague says it's a testament to how far the state has come.

"I think it just speaks volumes to what is happening here in our state with spirit programs—both cheer and dance," Sprague said.

The award ceremony was virtual.

Sprague says their stream froze, and it took a text message from a team member's boyfriend to confirm the win.

All teams hope to do a three-peat next year.

Watch Clemson's performance here.

Watch Charleston's performance here.

Watch USC's performance here.

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