CANDLER, N.C. (FOX Carolina) - Willow Michaels just turned a year old last month. However, on Thursday her family didn't know if she would see another birthday when a fallen tree trapped her inside her family's mobile home.

"The entire house shook like a tornado was coming through," Deann Bland said.

She's Willow's mother and says she and a friend just sat down to watch a movie when a tree crashed through the mobile home in Candler.

"I was just trying to get to her," she said.

She climbed under massive tree limbs, but couldn't reach Willow.

"I didn't really care about my room, I was just trying to make sure she was alive."

She says she panicked and called her father.

"She called and said Willow was trapped and she couldn't get her out," Greg Bland said, who rushed home to try and help.

"Neighbors up here had said that they heard like a big crack and then a big woosh," he said."I don't know if it was an act of God or not, it took - to look at it it looks like you take a toothpick and snap it in half."

He didn't know it, but as his daughter hung up the phone, neighbors stepped in to help.

"He climbed on top of the house and pulled her out. She was perfectly fine. She just got a little scrape on the side of her head," said Deann Bland.

They say the damage is extensive and can't believe Willow is okay.

Greg says "God was definitely watching."

And Willow is all smiles and doesn't understand the danger she faced.

"I just cried, like I was just glad she was okay," Deann said.

When she's older, the Bland family will tell Willow about the day she survived a fallen tree.

"It's really a miracle that she is alive,"said Deann.

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