Union County Sheriff still piecing together Durham investigation


It’s been a busy week for Union County Sheriff David Taylor.

First, it began with a search effort for Kelvin Durham, who was believed to be missing. Now the sheriff finds himself sorting through Durham’s story after he called 911 to report he was being chased following a weekend with friends.

"Talking to potential witnesses,” said Sheriff Taylor. “People that was at the party where he was on Saturday and Sunday."

Sheriff Taylor says his investigators are still retrieving items belonging to Durham that will aid in the investigation. Taylor believes the incident may have involved more than just Durham.

According to Sheriff Taylor, Durham said he escaped from his kidnappers at a gas station and ran to the nearest home. Then he ran to a house off Whitemire Highway, which was more than a mile away from the gas station.

Sheriff Taylor says his deputies will continue to interview people Durham interacted with over the weekend.

He says the 24-year-old continues to stick by his kidnapping story even after investigators have disproved the details he shared with them.

"He does have a criminal background and I think at some point that's going to come into play,” he explained, calling Durham a "repeat offender."

For now, Durham is charged with trespassing and filing a false police report in regards to a felony, which holds up to a 5 year sentence.

Sheriff Taylor says additional charges could be added once their investigation wraps up.

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