Carpenter's hold event to announce to church campus in Greenville

(FOX Carolina / October, 24, 2020) 

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina)- Ron and Hope Carpenter of Redemption church held an event to announce that Redemption church is re-opening a campus in Greenville.

According to the event, the new campus will be called "Redemption East."

Carpenter first announced that the campus would be opened in a YouTube video published earlier in October. The Carpenters previously led Redemption Church on Haywood Road but moved to California in 2017 to open a West Coast church.

The couple announced that the new campus would officially open with an event during New Year's Eve at the Greenville Convention Center. 

Many of you chimed in our the facebook live stream with questions about their return and they answered many of them tonight and ended this event with worship.

For the time being, Redemption East will simulcast with the existing redemption location on the west coast.

He introduced the east coast leadership team Saturday night.

But his return raised a lot of questions about the motivation behind it, one viewer asked if the move was motivated by money and pastor Ron Carpenter addressed that.

Ron Carpenter, Redemption pastor, addressed the money question saying, "there hasn’t been any money gained in it. There has been a lot of money invested, not spent invested and we’re doing the same thing here. There has been no giving generated here but we’ve made deep investments already, that's a good question."

He also confirmed the news we broke Friday, that Relentless will stay in their campus on Haywood Road. This is the campus the Carpenter's gave to John Gray a few years ago.

"I think after the process of succession finally came off the rails I think I got some satisfaction that we would be able to put things back in place. They will retain ownership of that property we are renting here with hopefully one day get an opportunity to purchase this. Everything yesterday was mutually agreed to there are no more lawsuits all legal matters are finished," Carpenter says.

Relentless lawyers released a statement on the matter Friday evening shortly after meditation. 

Pastor Ron Carpenter says that he will spend majority of his time in California working on building trust - like what he has in Greenville.

More from the interview with Ron Carpenter will be added to this web story.

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