A Greenville t-shirt business is all about second chances.

The owner of La Familia on Laurens Road loves fashion, but tells us his real passion, is helping out those who have found themselves going through some tough times.

Devin Hawkins owns the shop that does customized t-shirts and other items for businesses and events.

His mom, Yvonne Edwards, owns a bail bond business, BHE Bail Bonding, which she started to support her son's dream.

Together though, they are working to hire employees who need a second chance.

Devin tells us he employs people who have a criminal record, or are a little lost about what they want to do.

He teaches them marketable skills, like graphic design, machine operation, sales and even interview and resume skills, so they have work experience to achieve their own dreams.

Devin says, “We’re here to try to show them a way. You can do this, it's legal, it's not a lot of money right now, but it's legal. And that's something to look forward to. And it's not about me, or my businesses, I don't want you to retire at my business, I'm here to help you grow as an individual.”

Devin and his mom say they see an ongoing issue in the community and want to be part of the solution, and do something to help.

Yvonne says, “We take these troubled youth, they come in here, they're broken they're scared, upset, but he takes them under his wing and let me show you the way.”

Devin hopes to grow his business, so he can hire more people from the community. To do that, he is currently taking a sewing class so he can design and make his own clothes.

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